Prospective Principal/Project JIMS Australia Pty. Ltd.
Gender : M/F
Age : 28 - 45 yrs old
Education : At least College Level (Undergraduate)
Yrs. of Experience : 5 yr(s)

- Responsible in day to day operations breeding and gestating areas.
- Maintaining cleanliness in the whole herd.
- Monitors heat detection in weaned sows and replacement gilts.
- Artificial Insemination in heat detected sows.
- Schedules vaccination program in breeding and gestating section.
- Recording on data on the events occuring in the breeding and gestation section.
- Incharge in Semen processing in the A.I. Laboratory.
- Keeps records in farrowed sows, and daily breeding record.
- Reports monthly performance to the manager.
- Keeps records in the daily sales of stocks.Heat detection in weaned sows and open gilt.
- Responsible in artificial insemination.
- Monitoring sow and boar body condition and adjusting feed levels as needed.
- Vaccinating animals according to schedule.
- Monitoring the health of the animals and treating sick animals.
- Maintaining cleanliness in the breeding and gestating herd.

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